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Laptop Guy Software Repair
Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal & More

Restoring your system to it's pre-contaminated glory is only a phone call away! Simply call or chat with the Laptop Guy Virtual Advisor who will assist you.

We offer a comprehensive software solution for only $159! This includes a full reinstallation of your operating system if needed!

Warning Signs of Infection:

   • Slow System Performance
   • Blue-Screens
   • Error Messages and Pop-ups
   • Lock-ups and Crashes

Did you know, it's possible for your computer to become infected even when you have virus protection?

Let The Laptop Guy's team of Anti-Virus Superheroes return your system to it's pre-infected glory!

Laptop Guy Hardware Repair

At The Laptop Guy, we care more about fixing laptops and computers than selling new ones.

Why replace your expensive laptop with a budget machine if there is an economical repair alternative?

Over the past 10 years we have perfected hardware repair techniques that allow us to offer an environmentally sound alternative to replacement that makes financial sense.

We're Hardware Repair Experts!

   • PC or Apple
   • Power Problems
   • LCD's
   • Hard Drive Failures
   • Keyboards, Hinges, & more

In-Store & Ship-to-Garage Diagnostics are Free when you decide to Repair, Replace or Recycle with us!

Laptop Repair
Did You Know

Repair is an Eco-Friendly alternative to replacement. Every year, The Laptop Guy keeps thousands of laptops in use and out of our nation's landfills.

Repair Options

Whether you are around the corner or across the country, Laptop Guy hardware & software repair services are available to you. In-Store or Ship-to-Garage, we are your computer guy next door.


Our Technicians

Our Repair Technicians are highly trained professionals that have completed extensive training. We have a huge supplier network for parts that allows us to offer quality parts at great prices!

The Garage

The Laptop Guy Ship-to-Garage Program is a less costly hardware repair alternative to On-Site Repair. Shipping and Diagnostics are free when you opt to repair, replace or recycle with us.
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